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AudioQuest – Black Lab 26.2′ In-Wall Subwoofer Cable – Black/White



Monster® Digital Coaxial RCA Composite Audio Cable for Subwoofers 6ft,Black

High performance RCA type video audio cables are excellent for connecting DVD players to audio receivers, satellite boxes, DAC, car audio systems and cable boxes to audio receivers, computer audio equipment, or any other equipment that supports RCA, digital coaxial interface interconnect. It can also be used as a sub-woofer cable and will provide excellent signal quality with minimal degradation for your high powered home theater sub-woofer.

  • Coax for Digital from CD-AV Receiver
  • Audio Cable for  AV Receiver to Sub-woofer
  • Large Center Conductor for Maximum Bass
  • Precision 75 Ohm Construction a Perfect Match for Passing the SPIFF
  • Ultra-Low-Loss Dielectric Offers Best Signal Fidelity, Least Signal Loss
  • Heavy Double Shield for Maximum Bass, Minimum Interference

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Weight 13.4 kg


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