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DENAQ – AC Power Adapter and Charger for Select HP Satellite and Satellite Pro Laptops – Black



Compatibility HP 14-bf000ne, 14-bf000ng, 14-bf000ns, 14-bf001ne, 14-bf001ng, 14-bf001np, 14-bf001tx, 14-bf002np, 14-bf002ns, 14-bf002tx, 14-bf003nc, 14-bf003ns, 14-bf003nt, 14-bf003tx, 14-bf004nf, 14-bf004ng, 14-bf004np, 14-bf004tx, 14-bf005ng, 14-bf005tx, 14-bf006ns, 14-bf006tx, 14-bf006ur, 14-bf007nc, 14-bf007ns, 14-bf007tu, 14-bf007tx, 14-bf007ur, 14-bf008tu, 14-bf008tx, 14-bf008ur, 14-bf009ns, 14-bf009tu, 14-bf009tx, 14-bf009ur, 14-bf010ns, 14-bf010tu, 14-bf010tx, 14-bf010ur, 14-bf011ns, 14-bf011tu, 14-bf011tx, 14-bf011ur, 14-bf012tu, 14-bf012tx, 14-bf013ns, 14-bf014ns, 14-bf015nd, 14-bf015ns, 14-bf015tx, 14-bf016nd, 14-bf017tx, 14-bf017ur, 14-bf018tx, 14-bf019tx, 14-bf020tx, 14-bf027tx, 14-bf029tx, 14-bf030ng, 14-bf033tx, 14-bf034tx, 14-bf035tx, 14-bf036tx, 14-bf037tx, 14-bf038tx, 14-bf039tx, 14-bf040tx, 14-bf041tx, 14-bf042tx, 14-bf043tx, 14-bf044tx, 14-bf045tx, 14-bf046tx, 14-bf047tx, 14-bf048tx, 14-bf049tx, 14-bf050tx, 14-bf052tx, 14-bf054na, 14-bf054sa, 14-bf057tx, 14-bf058tx, 14-bf060tx, 14-bf061tx, 14-bf062tx, 14-bf063tx, 14-bf064tx, 14-bf065tx, 14-bf066tx, 14-bf067tx, 14-bf068tx, 14-bf069tx, 14-bf070tx, 14-bf071tx, 14-bf075tx, 14-bf082no, 14-bf088no, 14-bf089no, 14-bk001ne, 14-bk001nx, 14-bk002ne, 14-bk002nf, 14-bk002nj, 14-bk002nx, 14-bk003nia, 14-bk003nj, 14-bk003nk, 14-bk004nx, 14-bk006nc, 14-bk006nl, 14-bk007nl, 14-bk008ur, 14-bk009ur, 14-bk010ur, 14-bk011ur, 14-e003tu, 14-e004tu, 14-e005tu, 14-e006tu, 14-e007tu, 14-e008tu, 14-e009tu, 14-e010la, 14-e014tu, 14-e015tu, 14-f002la, 14-f004la, 14-n003ej, 14-n003la, 14-n007la, 14-n009la, 14-n010sx, 14-n011sx, 14-n012eo, 14-n013la, 14-n014se, 14-n016eo, 14-n020la, 14-n021la, 14-n026la, 14-n028la, 14-n029la, 14-n030br, 14-n030la, 14-n036la, 14-n040br, 14-n042tu, 14-n043tu, 14-n050br, 14-n055tx, 14-n060tx, 14-n061tx, 14-n074tx, 14-n075tx, 14-n018tu, 14-n001tx, 14-n005tu, 14-n059tx, 14-n024tx, 14-n015tu, 14-n037tx, 14-n008tu, 14-n022tx, 14-n038tx, 14-n002tu, 14-n003tx, 14-n021tu, 14-n009tu, 14-n201st, 14-n201tu, 14-n201tx, 14-n203sx, 14-n211sx, 14-n213tx, 14-n214tx, 14-n215tx, 14-n216tx, 14-n217tx, 14-n218tx, 14-n219tx, 14-n222tx, 14-n240la, 14-n268tx, 14-n269tx, 14-n271tx, 14-n293tx, 14-n208tx, 14-n227tx, 14-n267tx, 14-n226tx, 14-n266tx, 14-n233tx, 14-n292tx, 14-n202tx, 14-n225tx, 14-n232tu, 14-n200sia, 14-n201se, 14-n202ee, 14-n202se, 14-n203tx, 14-n296tx, 14-n242tu, 14-n223tx, 14-n232tx, 14-n203se, 14-n204se, 14-n209ex, 14-n212ex, 14-v002tx, 14-v003tx, 14-v007la, 14-v013la, 14-v016la, 14-v049tx, 14-v052tx, 14-v060br, 14-v063br, 14-v064br, 14-v065br, 14-v066br, 14-v067br, 14-v015tx, 14-v017tx, 14-v014tx, 14-v021tu, 14-v040tx, 14-v046tx, 14-v004tx, 14-v012tx, 14-v005tx, 14-v013tx, 14-v042tx, 14-v034tx, 14-v020tx, 14-v018tx, 14-v023tx, 14-v015tu, 14-v019tx, 14-v045tx, 14-v011tx, 14-v043tx, 14-v041tx, 14-v016tx, 14-v025tx, 14-v106tx, 14-v112la, 14-v121la, 14-v220tx, 14-v237tx, 14-v201tu, 14-v202tu, 14-v202tx, 14-v203tx, 14-v203la, 14-v204tx, 14-v204la, 14-v205tx, 14-v208tx, 14-v209tx, 14-v210tx, 14-v212tx, 14-v214tx, 14-v216tx, 14-v217tx, 14-v218tx, 14-v221tx, 14-v222tx, 14-v223tx, 14-v227tx, 14-v229tx, 14-v230tx, 14-v231tx, 14-v232tx, 14-v233tx, 14-v234tx, 14-v235tx, 14-v236tx, 14-v238tx, 14-v239tx, 14-v241tx, 14-v246tx, 14-v250tx, 14-v224tx, 14-v225tx, 14-v226tx, 14-v242tx, 14-v243tx, 14-v244tx

  • Used; Very good Condition; Tested and Fully Functional
  • INPUT: AC 100-240V; OUT PUT: 19.50V~ 3.34A, 65W
  • Connector Size: 4.5mm /3.0mm

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg


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