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Details About *brand New* Pny Anarchy 16gb Kit (2x8gb) Ddr4 2400mhz Pc419200 Desktop Memory



Want to work with the latest memory-intensive applications like graphic design and video-editing tools? Like to keep lots of browser windows open for work, school, or play. Is your PC having trouble keeping up. A DDR4 2666MHz memory upgrade from PNY gives you the speed you need to get the most out of your current Windows notebook PC. PNY’s Performance line of DDR4 RAM modules is purpose-built for users who want rock-solid reliability and great value. For more than 30 years, PNY has been rigorously sourcing, testing, and manufacturing memory upgrades for thousands of the most popular PC platforms. No matter what you do on your PC, you’ll do it better and faster with a DDR4 2666MHz upgrade from PNY.

  • Experience of benefits of a PC Memory Upgrade with the ability to run more demanding applications simultaneously, and at faster speeds, for a better, smoother, computing experience
  • High performance DDR4 Memory designed for PC enthusiasts and gamers
  • Exceptional performance with a frequency speed of 2666MHz (PC4-21300), and backwards compatible with lower frequencies (2400MHz and 2133MHz)
  • Timing 19-19-19
  • CAS Latency of 19, 1.2 Volts

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