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SVS – Prime Dual 5-1/4 Passive 3-Way Center-Channel Speaker – Gloss piano black”



Product details

Recommended amplifier power: 20 – 300W; two 5-1/4″ aluminum woofers; two 9″ x 6-3/8″ midranges; 1″ x 1.4″ tweeter; 66Hz – 23kHz frequency response; 89dB sensitivity; 4 ohms nominal impedance

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Expanding the dynamics of center channel performance
    By adding a compact electrostatic panel to a center channel speaker, MartinLogan engineers have succeeded in expanding the performance dynamics of important speaker in your home theater system. Your center channel speaker needs to be able to reproduce the fine high frequency details. The midrange must be expansive; to reproduce every whisper of dialog. Deep bass adds impact to the front-stage effects that anchor the action to your screen. The EM-ESL C accomplishes all this, and more. The EM-ESL C has a shallow height CLS XStat electrostatic panel wrapped around the front of the speaker enclosure. The gentle horizontal curve of the panel enhances the output of its deceptively compact radiating area, extending mid-range dispersion patterns and blending the performance seamlessly with your front-stage ElectroMotion loudspeakers.
  • CenterForce system
    This CenterForce solution allows the speaker to be more compact, and encourages the woofers to produce a generous amount of well-blended deep bass. The CenterForce system in the EM-ESL C features two custom-designed aluminum cone woofers. Rigid and yet lightweight, this material reduces flexure while minimizing response time. Their efficient construction optimizes suspension and magnetic flux field, further reducing potential sources of distortion. The EM-ESL C grounds its performance in accurate, musical bass response.

Additional information

Weight 20.2 kg


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