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❗❗No pen or charge included!❗❗The keyboard Cover is designed for iPad Pro 11 4th Gen 2022(Model No.A2435/A2759/A2761/A2762),iPad Air 5th Gen 2022 (A2591/A2589/A2588),Air 4th Generation 2020 (A2325/A2324/A2316/A2072),iPad pro 11 3rd Generation 2021 released(A2301/A2377/A2459/A2460), Pro 11 2nd Generation 2020 (A2228/ A2068/ A2230/ A2231, Pro 11 1st Generation 2018 ( A1980/ A2013/ A1934/ A1979). ♐It’s Not compatible with any other devices. Please check the Model Number back bottom of your iPad.
  • 10.9″/11″ iPad Pro Case for Air 5th/Air 4th/Pro 1st/2nd/3rd/4th Gen with 7 Color Backlit Detachable Wireless Keyboard and Pencil Holder

    • Wireless backlit keyboard connectivity within 10 feet, makes typing as a laptop.
    • Anti-scratch case and precise cut-out protects iPad from drops and falls.
    • Built-in pencil holder provide a place nicely secure your stylus pen.
    • Scissor key structure provides soft and smooth typing experience.
    • Anti-slip groove design provides multiple viewing angles.
    • Auto sleep/wake function saves a lot your iPad life.

    1. Push the power switch button to ON position to turn on the keyboard, then press the “connect” button for 3 seconds until the WIFI blue light flashes.
    2. Press “Fn” plus “C” at the same time,the bluetooth of the keyboard will turn on.
    3. Turn on the Bluetooth of your iPad.
    4. Choose “Bluetooth Keyboard” option in the searching page to adapt.

    1. To keep the keyboard color unchanged: After turning on the keyboard switch, press the “light bulb” key(Next to the space bar) to turn on the keyboard backlit. Then press the RGB button next to it to switch to the color you like. If you want to switch to another color later, press the “RGB” key.
    2. To switch the light to a cycle of 7 colors: After turning on the keyboard switch, press the “light bulb” key(Next to the space bar) once to turn on the keyboard backlit,press twice to turn on the 7 light cycle mode,press the third time to turn off the backlit.
  • NOTE:

    1. Please charge your keyboard for 2~3 hours the first time you use.
    2. Turn on the keyboard, the power indicator will flash about 3 seconds then goes off.
    3. When use it for the second time: only need to turn on your tablet Bluetooth and keyboard power, press any key on the keyboard. Then it will automatically connect.


    (No need to click”BT keyboard” on the iPad screen, also don’t press “CONNECT” button on the keyboard , otherwise, it will show “Not Connection”) 


    • 1 * User Manual
    • 1 * Wireless BT Keyboard
    • 1 * PU Leather Case (No Stylus Pencil)
    • 1 * Micro USB Charge Cable (No charger)

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