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Zubie – In-Car Wi-Fi and Vehicle Monitoring Device – Black



Item Type: GPS Locator
Model Nummer: GF-21
Materiaal: Plastic
Maat: 2.6×1.3×4.3cm/1.02×0.5×1.6in
Kleur: Zwart
Opladen Input: 5V
Communicatie frequentie: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Positionering modus: WIFI + LBS + GPS
Platform view: SMS + APP + computer
Werktemperatuur: -20-85 °C/-4-185 °

●Remote pickup, remote opname, voice-activated callback, voice-activated recording, high-definition silicon microfoon WIFI + LBS + AGPS positionering.
●Real-time tracking, historische spoor, trillingen inbraakalarm, elektronisch hek, ingebouwde sterke magnetische, meerdere energiebesparende modi, low-power alarm, afstandsbediening schakelaar machine.
●SOS Oproep voor Rescue: In geval van nood op de SOS sleutel, dat is, om een oproep en informatie aan de voogd voor hulp.
●Apparaat Verlies Kan worden gevonden door Mobiele App.
●Twee-weg Gesprek: Adres Boek Nummer Gesprekken met Gebruikers.
●Klasse anti-interferentie modus: set de niet-inmenging tijd bereik door de voogd mobiele telefoon APP, en schild de inkomende oproepen van de apparatuur.
●Remote monitoring: een zeer gevoelige microfoon dat monitoren de omringende geluid in real time in geval van nood.
●Apparaat shutdown en herstart functie kan worden gerealiseerd door voogd mobiele telefoon APP.
●Intelligente Energiebesparende: schakel/turn op GPS en data uploaden in tijd.
●Mobiele client/micro-messenger/computer service platform, multi-control mode.

  • ⚡Real-Time Voice Monitoring and History Tracking: You can listen to the audio sounds in real time through this voice recorder, or activate the auto-recording, which will record and store in the cloud 15 seconds each file. Enable you to inquire the moving routes of the locator in the past 3 months.
  • ⚡Daily Activity Tracker and Positioning: This locator can record the step count data in the past 7 days, easily tracking the past activity. Has powerful positioning function, can work with GPS, GSM, LBS and WIFI, such as remote control, one button searching, step counting and so on.
  • ⚡SOS and Positioning Query: For emergency, press the SOS button and the device will send out the call and message for help to the guardian. You can check the user’s specific location through mobile app or computer whether it is brought by children, the old, in the bag or in a car, you can find them easily as soon as possible.
  • ⚡Anti-disturbance Mode and Electronic Fence: Once the no-disturbance time range is set through the APP on the guardian’s cell phone, this voice recorder will shield the voice messages and calls. When you center on device to define an area on the map, it will immediately alarm if the tracker is away from the area. No worries about your safety.
  • ⚡Low battery Alarm: When the current power is lower than 20%, the Voice Recorder will send alarm information to you, helping you charge it in time.
  • ⚡Other Remote Functions: Find the tracker, alarm, shutdown, restart. These functions of a device can be implemented through the guardian mobile phone’s APP.

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